Simone Basile Myotherapy was established in 2002 after Simone graduated from RMIT Melbourne with an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy.  This successful business has recently taken on a new name, BODYWORKX clinic.

BODYWORKX clinic now provides Myotherapy and Remedial Massage treatments from two great locations, Ringwood and Watsonia.


Simone treats her patients using a combination of deep tissue massage, muscle manipulation, myofascial dry needling and cupping techniques to address the variety of sports and clinical injuries she is presented with.  Simone is a member of The Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia (IRMA).

Simone has worked with Collingwood Football Club, Purcell Dojos martial arts club and Hurstbridge Football Club. Her specialities are tennis elbowlower back injuries and repetitive strain injuries, and she can offer treatment for and relief from your injury or chronic pain.

Simone says,  “Looking at the musculoskeletal system as a whole, the way I treat is to address muscle dysfunction by decreasing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.  More importantly though for these treatments to be sustained, I also address incorrect posture through specific exercises and increasing core strength so that the body is better able to work in its own natural balance and function.”

Simone works out of both our Ringwood and Watsonia clinic.

Jessica Jelleff

Jessica Jelleff


Jess completed her BhSc of Clinical Myotherapy at Southern School of Natural Therapies.
Through her studies she began practicing as a relaxation and remedial masseuse in her local area of Gisborne, spreading her holistic approach to health and general wellbeing.

She also has managed sports injuries through her time spent as a trainer for a local Football Netball club. Overall her true passion is restoring wellbeing to her patients.

‘Alongside my physical assessment of the body, I often discuss with my patients lifestyle factors such as;
diet, stress, nutrition, exercise and forming of habits (both good and bad!) and relate them to their bodies current state.
I believe using this holistic approach addresses the patient as an individual and allows me to tailor make a treatment program specific to their wants and needs whilst also considering their time, physical and financial constraints.’

Donna Hayward

Donna Hayward

Remedial Massage Therapist

Donna has been a remedial massage therapist for 12 years.  She has worked with Croydon Football Club and Hurstbridge Cricket Club.  Her specialty is neck and shoulder pain, including headaches and improving range of motion.

Donna also specialises in stretch therapy, and will regularly include specific muscle stretches in her treatments, and as part of her recommendations following a treatment.

Donna says “I am a big believer in posture and flexibility, and that it is your birthright to move with ease and grace.”

Donna is now working out of our Ringwood clinic.

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